SchermNed has carried out numerous special projects in recent years. From sizeable new-build projects and renovations in the horticultural sector, to unique customized solutions for the garden center and non-residential construction sectors.

Best tomato grower in the world

Duijvestijn Tomaten

Duijvestijn Tomaten considered SchermNed to be the perfect partner for the screen installations of their 2 latest greenhouses (10 ha). This was a double installation (20-ha screen installations). A project full of unique technologies and innovations, such as the Valk Screen Vision (VSV) cloth insertion system.
Amazement is special

Burgers' Zoo

SchermNed has assisted with the development of a covered mangrove for Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem. Measuring 3,000 m², it is the largest covered mangrove in the world.
3rd generation family company with an eye for detail.

Hendriks Young Plants

Hendriks Young Plants, propagator in the greenhouse horticulture sector and breeder of the Bella Fuchsia®, recently expanded its company with a 1.6-ha greenhouse and required an upgrade. We installed a double-screen installation PARperfect to create an optimal climate and we performed a major overhaul on the horizontal outside screens.
Seven centuries of art

Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp

The KMSKA has undergone a radical transformation in recent years. It was decided that the building had to undergo a renovation in order to extend its lifespan. The museum has now reopened to the public and SchermNed was partially responsible for this. The main aim of this project was optimal operation of the light-regulating screen/sun protection cloth, with on the other hand a less obvious structure, whilst preserving details of this beautiful building.

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