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Replacing Screen Cloths

Often, the replacement of an old screen cloth is sufficient to optimize the efficiency of your current screen installation. By using high-quality materials, the correct seals and modern screen cloths, you can create an optimum climate, cut energy and maintenance costs and achieve a higher yield. Our methodology is as follows:

  • Top-quality polyester wire is used
  • We have skilled staff; the right skilled staff for both large projects and specialists for small renovations or repairs
  • Careful renovation in between the plant rows with optimum protection for your crop
  • Own pipe rail trolleys, monorail or other devices
  • We make no concessions in terms of high-quality parts. For example, top-quality polyester wire, top-quality pull-wire and 4x4 Van Der Valk reversing wheels.


Replacing the polyester wire

We replace your wires with top-quality polyester 2.2-mm wires and fit plastic wire guide blocks on the profiles. This makes the installation less rigid and prevents contact between the polyester wires and screen profiles.

  • Makes installations less rigid
  • Helps prevent the profile from being cut into
  • Prevents black stripes on the screen cloth
  • Polyester threads will not become rough as quickly (cloth and polyester threads will last longer).


Replacing the pull-wire

SchermNed's aim is to extend the lifespan of your screen installations and we only use top-quality pull-wires, which will last twice as long in comparison to lower quality pull-wires. In addition to top-quality pull-wires, the galvanized clamping bush is equipped with a plastic winding tube; this prevents rubbing and the tensile force remains the same over the entire length.

  • Simplifies re-tensioning of the wire installation
  • Useful assembly groove for quick fastening of the pull cable


Safety chucks

Replacing your shaft bearings ensures a smoother drive and helps to preserve your drive shaft. The advantage of this safety chuck is that the pressure is more evenly distributed, meaning the 2”-drive shaft is less prone to wear and tear/ breakage and, because of the 8 dustproof ball bearings, no maintenance is required. We also connect the pipe shaft, mitigating the risk of breakage and the need for welding activities within the greenhouse.


Replacing the overhang

Wear and tear of the screen cloth at the overhang and dirty energy strips is a commonly occurring problem. The cloth will split and tear, cloth weights fall out and/or the clip tube becomes rough. SchermNed can re-sew the cloth for you, using a cloth more resistant to wear and tear; we also use a weight cord instead of cloth weights (sleeker surface, will not come loose) and we sew a double seam (to prevent fraying). When renovation is needed, why should customers choose SchermNed?

  • We have teams for large projects, but also teams that specialize in small-scale renovations.
  • We can very carefully renovate screens in between the rows of plants and flowers. Because of our extensive experience, we can install complete systems in an existing greenhouse. We focus on the optimum protection of the crop.
  • Above the crop monorail, in the pipe rail between the crops, where there is no monorail or pipe rail, we work with boards in the trusses.
  • Clear agreements in advance; our customers get what they expect.

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