• Horizontal screens

Horizontal screens

Single screen

A screen installation will help you to control the climate within your greenhouse according to your needs. Even the installation of a single screen has advantages over no installation. This means that with very little intervention, you can already make a difference to the quality of your crops and/or the climate in your greenhouse.

Horizontal screens

Double screen

In many situations, a double screen is better than a single screen. This gives you more control over temperature regulation, sunlight intensity, energy savings and humidity. The two layers also give you more control over the cold downdraught. Due to the current regulations and legislation regarding light emissions, a second screen cloth is often required. We offer three options for double screens:

Option 1: Top and bottom screens

With top and bottom screens, the two screens are installed on two different wire beds. This enables them to be controlled individually. This system offers:

  • flexibility
  • better control against sunlight intensity
  • less cold downdraught at the gaps
Option 2: Two cloths on the same wire bed

This system is chosen when there is no space for two different wire beds. This option is also financially more attractive. The two cloths are installed on one wire bed but can still be controlled independently. The disadvantage of this is a large package of screen cloths on both the left and right. This has a negative effect on the incidence of light and the system is also less flexible!! Often, an energy cloth is installed for the winter and a sun protection cloth for the summer.

Option 3: Two cloths on the same wire bed, with a tracking profile.

In this system, less space is required than for an independent profile and you can change the screen cloth without cold downdraught. The financially most attractive option of the three and we often see a combination of wishes for energy cloths and the need to meet legislative requirements with assimilation cloths.

Horizontal screens

Triple screen

A triple screen is less common. This system is often required for, for example, potted plant growers. The third screen ensures an even better climate, through the combination of assimilation blackout, energy savings and/or sun protection cloths.

Horizontal screens

Drive systems

Our horizontal screens can be driven in two ways. Through a pull-wire system or a push-pull system.

Pull-wire system

This system is ideal for large greenhouses, and the slip blocks ensure that the system always closes fully. Repairs can easily be carried out when necessary.

Push-pull system

This system is particularly suitable for small areas. It also places less force on the end section, has a longer lifespan and less maintenance is required than in a pull-wire system. The system is also more stable and therefore more reliable during ventilation, due to the closed screen cloth. However, repairs are more difficult if something breaks.

Horizontal screens

Unique screen technologies

Every objective requires a different approach and method of installation. We therefore offer various options. For horizontal screens, we can provide the following products:

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