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Arthur de Bruin retires, but remains connected to SchermNed screen installations

He is one of first persons to join SchermNed and, after almost 30 years, is welcoming his retirement. Arthur de Bruin started as a mechanic and grew from there towards Project leader. In other words, he has seen and has been involved in every facet within SchermNed and has experience in all types of screen and insect mesh installations.

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SchermNed insect netting wishes Florein Gerbera's a healthy cultivation!

Protect cultivation from unwanted insects from the outside in an affordable, environmentally friendly way, preserving desired insects indoors in conjunction with an optimal climate. This is exactly what Reinier Zuidgeest of Florein Gerbera's was looking for. In SchermNed he found the right partner.

SchermNed 32 years

On 28 February 1990, Cock van der Voort started out in his own garage at home in Naaldwijk. He decided to apply his technical knowledge and years of experience to building a business of his own. Despite having three children and the security of a permanent job, he decided to go for it and set up SchermNed. Through trial and error, it eventually became a great success.  

We commit to the international foil market

SchermNed has expanded its product range with screen installations and insect netting for foil greenhouses. With this step, SchermNed wants to respond to the higher demands made worldwide on cultivation in plastic greenhouses. “In this market, too, you can see a movement towards year-round production and better climate control,” says Jack van der Voort, Director of SchermNed. To serve the new market, the company has recruited a well-known name in the sector, Gerrit Drankier, who brings with him more than 40 years of technical and commercial experience in screening. Gerrit will operate from Spain, in the horticultural regions of Almeria and Murcia.

‘Get your hands dirty’ for more greenery at SchermNed & Vitrona

Business parks are well known for their functional and utilitarian design, i.e., as many parking spaces as possible and minimal maintenance. In Westland, as a municipality, but also as individuals, we have a responsibility to make a greener contribution to improving the flora and fauna.

Contact us

If you have a challenge relating to a screen installation and you think the expertise of SchermNed may help, our specialists never shy away from a challenge and are ready to assist you. Contact us for straightforward and comprehensive advice.

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You can rely on SchermNed. Since 1990, the leading specialist in screen installations and insect netting for the horticultural and non-residential construction sectors. We never shy away from a challenge, always offer straightforward advice and diligently and pleasantly apply our knowledge and quality.

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