UV stability of insect netting increases further due to global demand

Insect netting specialist SchermNed has increased the UV stability of its insect netting. This entails a further development of the special insect netting filter that the company has supplied for years. Netting with a kilo-Langley value (kly) of 1350 becomes the new filter standard. This news comes from Carl Stougie and Jack van der Voort of the Westland-based screen installation company, specialists in insect netting since 1990.

Meet our innovative screen and netting systems

Our family business SchermNed will be exhibiting at the national and international GreenTech Amsterdam for the first time this year. At our brand-new stand with extensive demo models, we will be pleased to demonstrate the latest screen systems for greenhouse horticulture and the foil market to you, as well as our insect netting systems!

A great job at Kwekerij Jami

Forward-thinking. That is a term that sums up the entrepreneurial approach and cultivation methods of Kwekerij Jami, AKA Michel Zwinkels. For instance, he was the first Dutch vine tomato grower to switch to LED lighting, resulting in better tomatoes and increased production. Together with Oxin Growers, he recently had Luxous Light FR installed by SchermNed.

Subsidy schemes 2023

Growers again face very challenging choices in 2023. Do we switch to LED lighting and then have to install a second screen to maintain climate? What do we do about the rising humidity in the greenhouse? Do we heat more, ventilate more (fans) or do we go for dehumidifiers? These are tough choices and certainly not the cheapest options either.

WPK installs netting in greenhouses for optimum clean cultivation

Our customer, WPK, is installing netting in its greenhouses in Made, department by department. The grower aims to keep out diseases and pests in this way. With the vents ajar, a whitefly or aphid will usually fly in. Our customer has much fewer pests with SchermNed insect netting under the vents.

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