WPK installs netting in greenhouses for optimum clean cultivation

Our customer, WPK, is installing netting in its greenhouses in Made, department by department. The grower aims to keep out diseases and pests in this way. With the vents ajar, a whitefly or aphid will usually fly in. Our customer has much fewer pests with SchermNed insect netting under the vents.

Updated shaft bearing plate for a longer lifespan

Sustainability has so many different facets. From choosing sustainable materials to selecting parts with a positive effect on the lifespan. And that is why we select high-quality materials and parts: the best defense against wear and tear. "Not only good for the planet, but also good for your wallet."

Saving energy with second energy screen

With the explosive rise in energy prices and winter just around the corner, these are challenging times for entrepreneurs in greenhouse horticulture. At the moment, it's all about being able to save energy. As a result, energy screens will be higher on the investment agenda in the coming period. The purchase of a second energy screen offers possibilities with regard to energy saving and "The New Cultivation". With a second energy screen, an extra high energy saving can be achieved in conjunction with optimal production.

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Harmonica netting versus Insect Filter System

As a result of environmental protection regulations and virus transmission, mesh in vents are a hot item right now. Harmonica netting and Insect Filter are the two most obvious options for this. 

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Winners HortiContact

During the HortiContact last month in Gorinchem, Visitors of the exhibition could participate in our giveaway: 'guess the number of wire-guided blocks'. Every day a prize winner was announced. Last week we were able to hand out the softshell jackets with company logo to the winners. We wish the winners a lot of fun with our luxury jackets!

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