SchermNed covers and protects your world. Through customized solutions, we provide unique screen installations designed to meet your requirements. We only use high-quality materials. Our innovative screen systems are the perfect solution for greenhouse constructors and propagators within the Netherlands and aboard.


We look beyond a customer's needs, we actively engage in the thought processes and put forward recommendations based on our market knowledge and years of experience.

Our screen systems are sustainable and can be used all over the world. We smooth the way for both greenhouse constructors and propagators throughout the entire new-build process. Through customized solutions, we cover and protect your crops, or your customer's crops. From the initial order to final delivery, we like to work with you as closely as possible.


Our renovations provide customers with a sustainable screen installation, that gives their crops optimum protection.

For renovation of your existing screen installation, at SchermNed you will be in good hands. Often, the replacement of an old or dirty screen cloth is sufficient to optimize the efficiency of your current screen installation. By using high-quality materials, the correct seals and modern screen cloths, you can create an optimum climate, cut energy and maintenance costs and achieve a higher yield.

Expansion of installations

Depending on the requirements and structural condition of the greenhouse, there are many options for expanding screen installations.

The most common expansions of existing screen installations are with assimilation screens, energy screens and shade screens. Each screen has its own function, and a number of variations are possible. We always start with an on-site visit to decide what is and isn't possible. If there is insufficient space, or if the structure of the greenhouse is unsuitable, we will think through the problem and come up with a solution.

Service & maintenance

Your product is our priority. The question isn't whether, but when we can visit you.

As greenhouses are increasing in size and the installations are becoming more complex, preventative maintenance of the screen installation and vent opening systems is becoming ever more important. Everything that moves is prone to wear and tear and prevention is better than cure. You then reduce the risk of malfunctions, avoid high costs resulting from emergency repairs and increase the lifespan of your screen installation.


Thanks to the comprehensive information we provide, you will steer clear of unexpected surprises.

At SchermNed, we are experienced in executing export projects. Whether the project involves the supply of materials, a supervised project or the entire installation, we provide accurate and to-the-point information. From drawings and manuals to onsite or remote services. We are here to smooth the way for you during preparations and/or execution.

Your crops are our priority

During new-build projects, renovation or maintenance.


Our screen systems are sustainable and can be used all over the world. They benefit your greenhouse climate, your energy bills and the environment. Whatever your requirements are, we will engage in the thought processes to find the best solution in terms of technology, materials and price.


At SchermNed in recent years we have been involved in many special projects. From small to sizable new-build projects in the horticultural sector, to unique customized solutions in the non-residential construction sector.

Covers your world

Cover and protect
Every day, our work involves covering and protecting crops and people. By safeguarding the world in which you work, we contribute to preservation and sustainability throughout the world.
Knowledge and quality

We look beyond your needs, we actively engage in the thought processes and put forward recommendations based on our expertise, network, range and experience. Over the years we have built up knowledge and quality within our team and at our dedicated partners.

Honest and comprehensive advice

We say what we do and we do what we say. We provide advice that is as comprehensive as possible, so that you are never faced with unexpected surprises.

Speed and flexibility
The SchermNed team is here to answer questions or assist with any problems. We understand the importance of a perfectly functioning screen installation, a properly sealed insect netting system or air vent. When you require assistance, the question isn't whether, but when we can visit you.

Contact us

If you have a challenge relating to a screen installation and you think the expertise of SchermNed may help, our specialists never shy away from a challenge and are ready to assist you. Contact us for straightforward and comprehensive advice.

You can rely on SchermNed. Since 1990, the leading specialist in screen installations and insect netting for the horticultural and utility sectors. We never shy away from a challenge, always offer straightforward advice and diligently and pleasantly apply our knowledge and quality.