Poly market

90% of covered cultivation worldwide consists of poly greenhouses. These poly greenhouses have to meet ever higher requirements. To this end, a proper screen installation can create a better and more constant climate for the quality of the crop. Which is why SchermNed has expanded its product range and focus with screen installations and insect netting for poly greenhouses.

Screen installations

We look beyond a customer's needs, we actively engage in the thought processes and put forward recommendations based on our market knowledge and years of experience.

Given that poly greenhouses do not have lattice trusses, an alternative suspension system was devised. The system also takes into account the lower load capacity of the side walls in a poly greenhouse, and is suitable for all types of poly greenhouse. It is more than just a technically improved solution; the system is also interesting in terms of price for the poly market.

Insect netting

Our renovations provide customers with a sustainable screen installation, that gives their crops optimum protection.

Insect netting in air vents is being used more and more by growers. SchermNed supplies different types of insect netting, which can also be used in poly greenhouses. Are you facing challenges in relation to insect netting, and could do with SchermNed's expertise? If so, our specialists will be pleased to take on this challenge with you.

Contact us

Carl, John and Jack are the point of contact for the operational management of the poly market. Besides the supply of materials, components, screen cloths and insect netting, the actual installation of screening and insect netting will mostly be controlled by local contractors, possibly under Dutch supervision through SchermNed.

Your crops are our priority

During new-build projects, renovation or maintenance.


At SchermNed in recent years we have been involved in many special projects. From small to sizable new-build projects in the horticultural sector, to unique customized solutions in the non-residential construction sector.

You can rely on SchermNed. Since 1990, the leading specialist in screen installations and insect netting for the horticultural and utility sectors. We never shy away from a challenge, always offer straightforward advice and diligently and pleasantly apply our knowledge and quality.