Utility sector

For years we have been using our knowledge of horticultural technologies for comprehensive solutions within the utility sector. In combination with the shading expertise of our sister company, Vitrona, we can offer an appropriate solution for every architectural challenge. SchermNed develops and supplies drawings as from the initial ideas.


Sustainable solutions for large shading projects for climate control within a building.

We have also been active within the utility sector for many years. We assist our customers with complicated matters relating to shading within a building. We like to go the extra mile. By combining our technology with the design of the shading sector and applying this to the utility sector, we can provide cost-effective and sustainable solutions for large or unique glass structures and atria, that control the indoor climate perfectly.


A comprehensive and sustainable screen solution for every architectural challenge.
At SchermNed we offer the perfect screen solution for architects, as we apply horticultural technology to the utility sector. We provide cost-effective and sustainable solutions for large and unique situations. This smooths the path for the architect, and we put forward an ideal solution. SchermNed can also help with existing buildings, if you have problems with heat, cold, acoustics or light. Based on our knowledge, we come up with daring solutions, for example, continuous roof lights, glass façades, atria and gabled roofs.


Over the years we have proven our knowledge and quality in various utility projects.
Our team has carried out many fantastic projects in the utility sector. The great thing is that every single project is different. This challenges us to think creatively, and we enjoy that. For example, we worked on a solution for the largest covered mangrove in the world, on behalf of Burgers' Zoo. You can read about other unique projects here.

Unique solutions

By applying our knowledge to your wishes


At SchermNed in recent years we have been involved in many special projects. From small to sizable new-build projects in the horticultural sector, to unique customized solutions in the non-residential construction sector.

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If you have a challenge relating to a screen installation and you think the expertise of SchermNed may help, our specialists never shy away from a challenge and are ready to assist you. Contact us for straightforward and comprehensive advice.

You can rely on SchermNed. Since 1990, the leading specialist in screen installations and insect netting for the horticultural and utility sectors. We never shy away from a challenge, always offer straightforward advice and diligently and pleasantly apply our knowledge and quality.