• Insect netting

Insect netting

SchermNed insect netting filter

The SchermNed insect netting filter allows you to protect your crops against unwanted insects on the outside of the greenhouse in an affordable and environmentally friendly manner. At the same time, you can keep beneficial insects inside, within an optimum climate.

Our system offers you improved ventilation and light transmission in comparison to the traditional Harmonica netting system. It can easily be installed in either existing or new-build greenhouses. It can also be installed without the need to modify the vent opening system, whilst maintaining maximum window opening. Advantages:

  • Environmentally friendly compared to chemical pest control
  • No virus transfer or damage by birds
  • Can be used in all greenhouse roofs (including frameless)
  • No adaptations in respect of the vent opening system
  • Small reduction in light and air capacity relative to the Harmonica netting system
  • Affordable in comparison to the Harmonica netting system
  • Fast assembly, in between the plant rows no problem
  • Self-assembly possible (incl. assembly manual)
  • Long lifespan, very reliable (no moving parts)
  • Various mesh sizes possible
  • Fast delivery time

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Insect netting

Harmonica insect netting system

Harmonica netting differs from other systems because once retracted it is no longer visible. The netting is made from polyester monofilament threads. The advantages of Harmonica netting are:

  • Folds perfectly > more light (at vent in closed position)
  • A much longer lifespan of the netting
  • Can be used in windows - and in continuous vents
  • Improved ventilation due to the special patented corner finish
  • Seals and rubber profiles provide protection and sealing
  • System can be taken apart
  • The netting system can be cleaned
  • The insect netting can be positioned properly, using fiber-point pens
  • Can be supplied with or without aluminum cassettes.

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