SchermNed screen installations and Ruben Voois – a great match!

Published on 17 November 2021

Ruben has been working at SchermNed for the past two months as a project manager and it feels like he's been here for years, or its simply a great match, says director/owner Jack van der Voort. Ruben is 38 years of age, lives around the corner and, with his 20 years of experience, brings lots of fresh ideas to the company.

A great example. Ruben started work as an installer when he was 18 and, over the years, has become a well-rounded project manager. With Ruben on the team, SchermNed now has three project managers: Arthur, Peter and Ruben.

Ruben has all the characteristics that SchermNed likes to see in a new team member. After Jack and Ruben found they were a good match on a personal level over a cup of coffee together on a Saturday morning, it was a done deal. Knowledge, skills, intuition and job satisfaction served as an important basis for this decision!

What characteristics are we talking about? Ruben has sound technical expertise, he's a straight shooter, solution-oriented and transparent. This is also evident from the way in which he joined SchermNed, Ruben tells his story:

“I bumped into Arthur (another project manager at SchermNed) and recognized him from the past and we got talking. During our conversation, Arthur said SchermNed was looking for a new project manager, especially now the company business is expanding. After a few positive conversations with Jack about the possibilities and my future, the decision was soon made. I once worked with SchermNed as a subcontractor and therefore already knew many of the guys at the company and am familiar with the company culture. As well as the horticulture side of the business, the non-residential construction sector side of SchermNed appealed to me.”

Ruben will survey and supervise projects. He will therefore also be involved in the technical surveys and execution of screen installations, insect netting and vent opening systems in existing and new-build projects both in the Netherlands and globally, and will be responsible for allocating the right people, equipment and machines. As a project manager he is responsible for ensuring that projects run as smoothly as possible and must adapt quickly if there are challenges, to ensure we have a satisfied customer and the best finished product!

He has been, or soon will be, introduced to the existing and new customers of SchermNed. To contact Ruben directly, or to congratulate him, Ruben can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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