For SchermNed a durable relationship with the customer is very important. We can build on these thanks to the quality of our products and the reliability of our services. Short lines of communication, decisiveness and excellent service do the rest. Read about the reactions of our customers, then hear about it also from another customer!

Jansen Paprika in Andijk, Bell Pepper Producer

“Fifteen years of impeccable service!”

“A good climate is essential for growing bell peppers. In 2006, SchermNed put in screen installations and wall-screens in our greenhouses. In 2008, the company will be installing new energy-saving screens and sun screens so that we can maintain an optimal climate. We have been working with SchermNed for fifteen years and they have always provided an impeccable service!”

Theo Jansen
Director Jansen Paprika

  • Surface area of approx. 150.000 m2
  • Double screen installation pull-wires on 2” shaft, roll-screens between the purlins
  • Horizontal upper screens PH 33 Flame Protect, lower screens Phormilux Flame Protect, roll-up walls PHL 20

TST Atrium in Amsterdam, Office building with twelve floors

“We have enjoyed an excellent working relationship with SchermNed for years!”

“The sun screens in the three atria of the building have to be replaced every ten years. SchermNed has since supplied and installed new screens. We have had a good relationship for years. And this is why we chose SchermNed again last year. The company carries out the work very efficiently and is totally reliable!”

building manager TST Atrium

  • Three Atriums, each with 36 sun screen systems
  • Type fall arm with unique passing falling-out combined with fire-resistant fabrics

Ammerlaan Orchids in Den Hoorn, Phaleonopsis grower

“SchermNed offers a good price/quality ratio!”

“We have worked together with SchermNed on several different occasions and each time we were very satisfied. Last year the company installed energy saving shade screens in our greenhouses. We chose SchermNed again because they offer an excellent price/quality ratio. And also because if there is the slightest problem, the company sends someone round straight away!”

Robert Ammerlaan
Director Ammerlaan Orchids

  • Surface area approx. 40.000 m2
  • Pull-wire tent screens on 2” shaft, roll-roof screens, roll-walls between the rafters, endgable topscreens
  • Tent screens XLS 15 Firebreak, roll-roof screens OLS 70/ILS 70 Ultra, roll-roof screens and endgable topscreens PHL white