Special products

Because screening solutions are customised SchermNed regularly thinks up solutions for special situations. The durable systems that we develop and install in this respect offer a suitable and complete solution for every project. With our many years of experience we determine with you what the best system is for your specific situation. Here you can think of rolling, sliding, hanging or fixed systems, while we leave the choice of colour and/or printing to you.

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Partition walls/access doors

  • ensure optimum use of the space
  • ensure fast partitioning thanks to easy operation
  • offer flexible solutions for (temporary) partitioning

Examples of partitions:

  • Partitions for optimum hygiene
  • Partitions for cultivation spaces
  • Partitions for noise protection
  • Partition of transparent PVC or insect gauze
  • Combination with wind ground support stakes for dividing barn areas and dock shelters


The best slip system

As a grower you choose the best slip system for your screen installation. Increasingly larger greenhouses mean of, course, more and more strain and shrinkage problems. SchermNed offers this system. The napuls control of the drive motor in combination with the KLI-MAX slip system from Van der Valk Systems provide a revolutionary solution. This napuls control is used by more and more suppliers of drive motors. This is logical as gaps or mechanical problems no longer arise, because thanks to the slip system your screen ‘grows’ with the operation of your greenhouse 24 hours per day. This occurs due to small, regular pulses, varying from very short to a number of seconds and is entirely dependent on the cultivation situation.

Choose perfect closing of the fabric, use the smallest package and uniform gap, select the SchermNed slip system!


If you as a customer have the necessary in-house technical knowledge, SchermNed can supply materials, screen fabrics, insect gauze and advice. In this case as well, customised solutions are the standard. Choose for example:

  • supply of materials, fabrics, foils and ground fabrics
  • supply of repair sets for service and maintenance activities
  • delivery of services in the form of supervisors
  • delivery of service and maintenance agreements