Insect gauze

From thrips to birds, insect gauze from SchermNed is an effective deterrent to infestations from the outside. With the various types of insect filter biological defenders remain inside and undesirable tiny visitors outside. Since it was founded SchermNed has been active in the field of gauze systems. They are used in biologically cultivated crops, roses, pot plants and test/cultivation areas. Because the gauze becomes contaminated, we place a great deal of emphasis on maintenance. So we remove the traces of the biological defenders and the ventilation remains in an optimum condition.

The customised lamination and filter systems are suitable for Venlo air frames and continuous air frames, both in existing greenhouses or in new structures. After extensive tests we have developed the unique SchermNed insect filter for Venlo frames. Typically a product that is distinguished by a favourable price-quality relationship. Resistant to contamination or damage and no loss of light, this is SchermNed insect gauze.

Harmonica Insect gauze

  • suitable for continuous air frames and 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-pane air frames
  • folds up like a harmonica for minimum light loss
  • has a mesh size suitable for the insects to be excluded

Insect tunnel

  • prevents damage to external crops by strong winds and rain
  • creates insect-free cultivation space within the greenhouse
  • can be quickly converted into cultivation spaces

SchermNed insect filter

  • specially developed for all types of Venlo frames
  • moves freely with the frame for a long life
  • better direct ventilation by means of small frame slots due to the special design of the filter

Fixed gauze and dividing gauze

  • prevents contamination and waste when transporting internally
  • provides a gauze system to prevent damage by wind and rain
  • suitable for the division of spaces into any size and any height


Ready to use

  • customised sewing of gauze and fabric on twin roller-, roller-, roof roller and decorative screen
  • also for cables, rope or string with strips or for hems
  • everything custom made, storm resistant, UV proof and of the highest quality