Horizontal screens

Horizontal interior and exterior screens mean that energy is saved, direct sunlight diffused, sunlight screened and light diffusion prevented. The aim is a good climate for plants and a pleasant working climate for employees. Horizontal screens are solid and offer years of service. Depending on the type of greenhouse SchermNed recommends a pull-push rod system or a wire pull system With a pull-push rod system the fabric profile moves together with the fabric thanks to steel tubes. With the wire pull system the fabric moves thanks to stainless steel wires. Installations of one, two, three or even four screen layers are possible. In addition, SchermNed has the two-in-one system i.e. two fabrics on the same wire bed (see SN systems). For garden centres and other wide-span greenhouses, tent screens and screens that partially follow the pitch of the roof are applicable.

Folding up to the smallest package is possible thanks to the Kli-Max slip system in combination with the SunMax system with napuls control. This unique slip system from SchermNed is the perfect solution for problems resulting from the extension and shrinking of materials and greenhouse construction.

Sun protection screen

  • has maximum cooling effect as a result of open structure
  • reflects night-time radiation and prevents condensation on the greenhouse
  • reflects excess sunlight during the day for optimum energy control

Assimilation screen

  • optimum light emission prevention during the night
  • reinforces operation of lamps due to reflecting sub-surface
  • complies with the latest legislation and directives

Double SN system (SN = SchermNed)

  • has two fabric screens on one wire-pull installation
  • cost-saving with respect to material and work
  • more flexible thanks to two packages

Energy and sun protection screen

  • reflects excess sunlight during the day for optimum energy control
  • keeps heat in during the night
  • saves energy, depending on aluminium content

Energy screen

  • 24 hour per day maximum energy retention with minimum light loss.
  • distributes temperature uniformly through diffuse layer
  • ideal for vegetable cultivation in cold winters

Multiple screens

  • various fabric screens one above the other
  • precisely adapted to the cultivation factors to be controlled
  • can be extended to four layers

SunMax screen & light system

  • provides light gain as a result of 30% smaller screen package
  • has perfectly closing screen as a result of special installation and narrow profile
  • developed by Van der Valk Systems (link/see under menu – Innovations)