Facade screens

Inside, outside or just the front facade, SchermNed has many solutions for vertical screening. With a facade screen you reduce the loss of energy and light emissions with assimilation lighting, and the crop growing area can be darkened. The roll screens from SchermNed come in all types and sizes. The twin-roll facade screen can divide the greenhouse into sections, where there is no room for rolling facades. Is your company in a prominent position? The facade screen can be printed with the company logo or atmospheric photography as required.

Rolling facade screen

  • combats light emissions and heat loss
  • driven by tubular motor or Power Roller (up to 240 metres facade length!)
  • ensures uniform greenhouse climate

Twin roll facade screen

  • makes division of the greenhouse into sections possible
  • suitable for sections of facade where there is no room for roller facade screens
  • short roll-out time

Spout gable screen

  • offers optimum closing-off for wide-span greenhouses
  • combats heat loss
  • suitable for sloping facades and other deviating situations