External screens

External screens are used especially for direct cooling and climate management, particularly for crops such as roses or phalaenopsis. For the grower external screens mean better climate management and increased production. And in contrast to whitening the output of light is flexible. The well designed drive motor of SchermNed external screens provides a drive of great length. Combined with the SN cassette system it provides a very reliable installation. New developments mean that these screens are resistant to external damage. For external cultivation, in particular, we have developed diverse retractable and fixed external screens. SchermNed has all imaginable solutions for storm-proof external screens that fulfil your specific requirements.

Curved greenhouse external roller screen

  • is very suitable for external cultivation and the toughening of cuttings
  • protects fruit cultivation, shrub and tree nurseries against adverse weather conditions
  • operates with a specific stormproof roller screen system, developed by SchermNed

External roller screen

  • forms a complete package with the horizontal external screens
  • proof against storms and other weather conditions
  • ensures climate management and low energy consumption

Roof roller external screen

  • operates with roller system on the roof or in the roof space of wide-span greenhouses
  • has a waterproof motor system and windproof materials
  • ensures climate management and low energy consumption

Horizontal external screen

  • supported on a vertical construction in the gutter (innovation as from 2009)
  • aluminium bands reflect sunlight and reduce radiation at night
  • ensures climate management and low energy consumption

Windbreak gauze for front facades

  • prevents glass damage to front facades in strong winds
  • is cleverly installed in various types of mesh size
  • can be combined with a fixed screen and is horizontally and vertically moveable screen