Decorative screens

Increasingly, garden centres and businesses with internal gardens are choosing decorative screens. For example, as an atmospheric screen in order to create a representative environment, but also to keep a check on energy consumption to prevent too much heat in the summer. In this way pleasure and usefulness go hand in hand. SchermNed has the best screens for this requirement. They follow the latest design trends, and are fault resistant and compact. There are many possibilities depending on your available space. For instance, it is possible to install a gauze system to catch glass if panes of glass should break. All the types mentioned below are energy saving and optimise the climate for plants, customers and personnel. In addition, the fabrics are always fire resistant.

SchermNed offers a wide range of decorative systems and possibilities. We offer our customers the possibility of choosing sliding, hanging, rolling and fixed screens such as the horizontal decoration screen, tent decoration screen, roof roller decoration screen or roller decoration screen.
Characteristics of the diverse screens and systems:

  • available in 100% decorative and fire resistant fabric or in combination with aluminium bands
  • compact systems incorporated into the roof space, in the construction or in the facade
  • offer flexibility by easily up dividing spaces using roller decoration screen as an intermediate facade with easy operation
  • various fabrics in full colour printing, many opportunities for promotional activities

foto's Decoratieve schermen