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SchermNed supplies all types of screening systems for new buildings or existing greenhouses in glasshouse horticulture and for garden centres. We can fulfil your requirements for customised screening, darkening, insect gauze and ventilation mechanisms. Renovation, repair and maintenance are also part of our service package. For example, we have a great deal of experience in the renovation of screening installations in greenhouses with plants, but we are also in the process of installing energy and facade screening for a new build project of 440.000 m². There is a suitable solution for each type of cultivation in any location. External screens for a phalaenopsis nursery have completely different requirements than those for a tomato nursery. SchermNed offers countless products but one factor is constant: well thought-out solutions.

At SchermNed customisation is not an idle catchword, but reality. An example in practice: we can develop exactly the right slip system for a perfectly closing fabric screen. The drive motors are then adapted to the factors that determine the package size of the fabric for your particular situation. This approach also provides innovative products that are developed in-house or in conjunction with our suppliers. An important plus point is that in each case we are able to bring our screening technology up to a higher level (see menu - Innovations).

In brief: We devote all our energy to the customer and offer customised solutions that vary from simple projects to very advanced installations. The short lines of communication in the organisation provide clarity, speed and flexibility of the service packages offered. This means the maximum return for your investment. If you require information about the opportunities in your situation please contact Sales and Marketing