Innovation is in our blood. Because we are always busy with customised and well thought-out solutions, new products are always being introduced. These innovations throw light on our own development department. For instance, they provide more user convenience, a longer life or more light. The developments often taken place in cooperation with third parties, varying from customer to supplier. So queries from the market are transformed into new products.

SchermNed also supplies the new compact screen packages. These are developed by a leading supplier. By cooperation with partners of this kind you can be certain that we are working with the most innovative products, no matter how large or small the project is. Some innovations:

SunMax screen & air concept

SchermNed is happy to use the SunMax concept in the installation of screens. As a grower this revolutionary combination of new techniques provides a greater amount of light. How does it work? In place of installation against the greenhouse trellis the screen fabric is installed lower down. In this way the screen fabric is folded up to a great extent in the trellis. By also lowering the push-pull tube of the air mechanism a very compact fabric package is achieved. For this the CLIP20 screen profile (width: only 2 cm) and an improved rail mechanism have been developed, as well as a new truss clamp and improved wire guide blocks. Plus a number of adaptations of the KLI-MAX-slip system that are used worldwide. A combination of small adaptations that together form a substantial innovation! You benefit from: more light input, which means your crop grows more efficiently thus resulting in higher production.

GATEWAY door opening system

The GATEWAY is an innovative system to open and close openings in intermediate facades between greenhouse compartments. The screen rolls on a tube that is fixed in the middle of the screen. This means a double roll-up speed and a variable width as no bends occur in the roller tube. SchermNed chooses GATEWAY because it is clearly innovative:

  • Fast opening speed, minimum 0.5 metre per second
  • Adaptable width on location
  • Self-supporting construction, depending on the facade
  • Safer because of lower driven weight

SND Spout roller screen

  • customised installation for the front facade ridge beam for wide-span greenhouses
  • fault-free as it is a compact and closed system
  • suitable for every corner

SND light screen

  • developed for light passageways in commercial spaces to counter external light and heat radiation
  • improves the working climate and the view of computer screens
  • available in combination with sun protection systems with user-friendly remote control